White guys are so degrading and dominating. Im not complaining tho.


I posted a story of this white guy ons i had. BUT I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE LONG POST.

Anyway heres the gist

im 27, with long term boyfriend. officemates and I were out on our usual weekend drinking. told boyfriend about drinking tonight and told me to make sure i get home safe.

Some white guys flirts with me, buying me a drink and complimenting me and my “curves” I told him i had a boyfriend (because obviously my friends were there so i cant flirt back.) im loyal to my boyfriend in their eyes of course. When I told then Id be leaving, I secretly gave my ig to the white guy that was talking to me. I walked back to my condo, said goodnight to my friend and my boyfriend and that i got home safe.

I saw that the white guy already chatted me, and asking me if i was near the airbnb he was staying in. AND HE WAS. He picked me up and got me drinking some night cap wine.

We start making out, i take my shirt off to let him play with my boobs. at first he was gentle telling me how beautiful and sexy i was, after some minutes that all change to fat filipina who wants some white cock. He kept calling me fat, a fat slut, a fat easy slut. I know I shouldve felt disrespected but for some reason I kept begging for more of it. He was shoving his cock in my mouth telling me to bend over my fat ass. He even asked if he could film… normally i wouldve really said no.. but in that moment. I was afraid hed stop if i said no, so I said yes.

Part 2 coming. I got lazy to type 😪😂

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Date: March 5, 2023

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