When you [f]orfeit a battle of wills.


And you are forced to lock your self in chastity. I mentioned to a kink friendly friend that I was trying chastity out again because I wanted to cum less. They told me, they controlled them now. That We were going to play a game. She chose a date somewhere between oct24 and nov24, and I do not know the date. Each day I am allowed to ask to be unlocked, if it is before the date she chose, she in secret rolls some dice, and adds that many days to the secret date she chose.

I can ask any time I want. It’s all up to me. She said “You’re going at least two weeks <3, And I want you scared to ask. Because it could be anywhere in those days~ Maybe you’ll ask a day early and get moved back 2 <3 Hehe maybe you could have asked a week ago and I would have let you”

I am so not ready for this. I was not expecting this. Anyone want to help out a poor girl? I’m already going crazy. Please help me, should I help myself to porn, try and burn off some energy? Or just go full nun?

Fuck me I’ve never gone more than 9 days without cumming… Fuck me.

EDIT: Miss just informed me that if I focus on the orgasm at the end I’m only going cum on my birthday.

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Date: March 19, 2023

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