“Whats the sluttiest thing you have ever done?” Or that time spring break with five fuckboys


Hey there! I’m Katy (internet name) I am 31 years young and happily married to a man better than I deserve. I have been told I’m a regular 8, LA 7 (whatever that means) and I have been called a ‘slut’ more than once in my life. I just discovered this sub (can’t believe it took me this long) and I have loved reading all your stories, so I thought I would share one of my own.

**Full Disclaimer** If you take a look at my profile you will see that I’m pretty active on DPP for roleplay. I tried to do a confessions/Roleplay thing on there a while back based on this, but I’m guessing SSC is a better venue for slutty concessions and stories. I really hope this doesn’t mean I’m breaking rule five. I’m a whore, and an attention whore, but not a karma whore.

Since this is my first post on here, let me tell you a bit about my sexual past so you know where I am coming from before I get into my story. I fell like the best way to do this is to answer some of the most frequently asked questions I tend to get when talking about my sex life.

**How many guys (partners) have you had?** I lost count a long time ago, but I think I have been sexually intimate with probably 60 – 80 different guys and 20ish woman.

**Have you been a part of any threesomes?**Yes, I have been a part of four threesomes. Two mmf and two ffm. The first mmf was during my ‘spring break experience’ that I mentioned in the title and will go into more detail at the end of this post.

* The second one was just a one night stand, where I went back to a guy’s place and his roommate kind of invited himself in on our sex session. They acted as though it was spontaneous but looking back on it now, I’m sure they planned it. I had pretty low self-esteem then so I rolled with it. Might have had second thoughts if that happened to me now.

* One of my ffm threesomes was at a wedding with a fellow bridesmaid and groomsman. Probably one of the best sexual experiences of my life. Just some good, wholesome, drunken hotel room, fun after the reception.

* The other was when an old ex of mine talked me into talking his current gf into a threesome. Had a pretty good time, but still have some regrets surrounding that ex. Maybe a story for another time, I dont know.

**Have you ever cheated on your husband?** Unfortunately, I have cheated on every boyfriend I have ever had including my husband. We worked through it, but it does come up from time to time. Usually when we fight or get too drunk. He likes to hear my slutty stories just as much as I hope you will but he also knows I was never really very good at being a girlfriend, so sometimes it aggravates him. He likes hotwife porn and stores (as do I), but being married to one is another story. I am have been faithful for as long as we have been married though (two years). I’m thinking my slutty days may be behind me, which is probably why I feel the need to post here.

(If you decided to look at my dpp history you will see that cheating/cuckolding is a big turn on for me still. But only in fantasy now)

**Whats the sluttiest thing you have ever done?**

Ok, so here is what you all came for! Probably one of the lowest (or highest) points in my slut career was when I unwittingly became a ‘sex slave’ (probably not the right term but whatever) for five guys on a over spring break.

To understand why I did this I have to tell you just a little more about me. I have always had a very high sex drive, but I used to also suffer from depression, self-confidence, and self-esteem issues. The combination of my high sex drive and low self worth made me very susceptible to fuckboys who can sniff out and exploit girls like me from a mile away.

So, it was my Sophomore year in college and I was invited to a beach house for spring break by a FWB I had at the time (lets just call him fuckboy #1. He and his friends were all juniors). I was thrilled, I actually really liked him and thought this was his way of taking us the the next level, FWB to bf/gf.

They were a bunch of rich kids, and I thought at first it was going to be a coed group with his friends bringing their girlfriends as well. I didn’t figure out until it was too late that I was going to be the only female in a house with five fuckboys.

**Thr first couple days**

My first real disappointment came when we got there in Saturday, and I found out I had my own room. I thought I was going to be sharing a room with fuckboy #1 who I still thought was about to be my new boyfriend. But I shrugged that off, I just chalked it up to him not wanting to be too presumptuous (ha!).

So after we got settled in we started doing what college kids on spring break do, drink. We hung out in the house and drank; hung out on the beach and drank; hung out in the hot tub and drank. My fucking liver hurts right now just thinking about how much I booze I used to throw back. The first couple days we hung out around the house; and those first couple nights I would sneak off into Fuckboy #1’s room for sloppy, drunken sex.

I of course wanted to clarify our relationship status during these sex sessions, but I didn’t have the balls to just straight up ask: “are we going out now or just fucking?” Instead I just gave him some of my best and messiest blowjob work (I think I give pretty good head, more on that later) and asked leading questions like: “of all your friends, why did you invite me?…..*gag, gag, gag, gag*…what are you doing for Christmas?…*slurp slurp slurp slup*….have you hung out with Erica lately? *slurp, gag, slurp, gag*” In true fuckboy fashion he evaded all my probing questions with ease. And that is pretty much how the first two days played out.

**The middle nights**

Just drinking at the house was getting old quick so we soon moved to a schedule of, drink at the beach all day, come back, change, then go into town to drink all night at various clubs and bars. This is where things really started to go down hill. Fuckboy #1 could no longer hide that he wanted to meet other girls while we were out.

I tried to be ‘one of the guys’ and to be ‘be a good wingman’ but it really was bringing me down. And of course they all knew how to play me like a fiddle. For example on the first night we went out, Fuckboy #1 was grinding up on some girl, I got jealous, then his best friend (lets call him fuckboy #2) swooped in, cock-blocked the local guy who bought me a drink, bought me more drinks, then took me back to his room. Of course I rode his balls dry and screamed bloody murder as we fucked, hoping it would make Fuckboy #1 jealous. In reality I don’t even think he was back from the club yet.

That’s kind of how the next few days went. Drink all day at the beach, drink all night in town, then go back to the house as someone’s backup plan. You are probably thinking why I let this happen, so I will try and explain to you the viscous cycle I was caught in. The constant drinking, being passed around, and being a backup girl made me very depressed. The more depressed I got the more I wanted to fuck because sex was (and still is) such an amazing release for me. I mean, I knew these fuckboys didn’t really care about me, they took turns fucking me like a communal fleshlight; but in those few hours I spent with them each night, I felt so wanted, so loved, so needed. I mean here were five different guys who all wanted to not just hang out with me, but to be inside me, to taste me, to be intimate with me. In those few hours I was on top of the world, then I would slowly regress back into depression as the drinking and wingmaning started again. As the days past I ended up making my way through the house, going home from the bar or club with fuckboys 3, 4, and 5.

**Sweet number 5**

Fuckboy #5 was actually really sweet, and had we met under different circumstances I think we could have really hit it off; but there was no way he would be caught dating me after watching me slut it up all over his friends for a week. However, let me tell you a bit about how I knew fuckboy #5 was a keeper, and just a word of caution this story is kind of gross so feel free to skip over this if you want.

Fuckboy #5 was the last guy I slept with. Same song, different day. I found myself nearly blackout drunk at some trashy bar in town. We had all been drinking a lot the whole trip, but at this point I had pretty much been drunk for the last 48 hours, so I was in a rough spot. I only really remember bits and pieces, but I was hanging all over him at the bar. Touching on him, grabbing at his bulge, kissing his neck, and also scaring off any towny girls he was trying to talk to. I don’t really remember how we got home. I’m lucky it was him because he probably wanted to just make sure I got home safe. The next thing I do remember is blowing him. He was sitting on my bed, and I was on knees on the floor going to town on him.

Now I’m going to pause and go off on a tangent here but it’s important to the rest of the story. So I have no way to confirm this because I don’t have a dick, and therefore have never been blown, but I like to think that I’m one of better blowjobers around. I mean I really like going down on guys and I have been told that I’m one of the best (granted guys will say literarily anything to you when you have their cock in your mouth). But I do know my bj skills have lead to at least one divorce (well a contributing factor at least), and I have been proposed to on two separate occasions after finishing off two different guys. And if you want to marry a girl with a face plasterd in cum then I must be pretty good right? I can deepthroat with the best of them, I always make lots of eye contact, and I slobber all over them. When I’m drunk I usually care even less about ruining my makeup so that’s when I do some of my best work. So long story short, I’m a pro, and that’s what makes this next part so embarrassing. (Careful this is the gross part).

So there I am, on my knees in front of Fuckboy #5 who is stitting on the edge of my bed. Like I mentioned before I have been drunk for like two days straight at this point so I am pretty out of it. I am just going to town on fuckboy #5, I’m gobbling up his cock like its the only food I have seen in months. I must have looked a total wreck because I remember that my face, the front of my little club dress, his lap, and my sheets were all soaked in my spit before too long.

So I start taking him down my throat, no big deal right? I mean I’m sure I had already done that a few times at this point. But because how drunk I was, and how I had thrown caution to the wind, I accidentally tripped my gag reflex and ended up throwing up a whole night’s worth of vodka Red Bulls all over him, all over my bed, the floor, me everywhere! Oh my god it was so embarrassing! I immediately started crying. Fuckboy #5 being the gentleman that he was, helped me get cleaned up, he threw my sheets in the wash and found new ones to put on the bed, and he even scrubbed it out of the carpet for me. After we showered and changed he tucked me into bed. I offered that he could sleep with me, but I think he had had enough excitement for the night.

**My first threesome**

The grand finale of the trip for me was on the last night, when I had my first threesome with fuckboys #1 and #3. It was late, we were all sick of drinking, and I ended up watching a movie on the couch cuddled up with both of them. At this point I had slept with everyone in the house so I figured it was fine to be a little cuddly. Both fuckboys were sitting on the large sectional sofa and I was laying across their laps, my head on Fuckboy #1’s lap, and my legs draped across Fuckboy #3’s lap. I knew they both wanted me, and both were trying to wait out the other to be the last one up with me. But you know what? I wanted them both, I wanted to be the center of attention, and that night I had them both wrapped around my little finger. It was a very empowering feeling. As soon as the credits were rolling I started to unzip #1’s pants and fish his cock out, then with my head still laying on him I lazily sucked his head. To make my intentions clear to both of them I rubbed my against #3’s crotch as I popped #1’s head in and out of my mouth.

I didn’t look up at them, but I’m guessing at this point they were shooting glances at each other that said: *”wow, this fucking whore can’tget enough”* and *”no homo, but are we really about to have a devil’s threesome?”*

Not even acknowledging them I pulled myself up and turned around to free #3′ cock. I was on the sofa, on my knees with my ass in the air faceing #1 and face down with another mouthful of meat. I rocked my whole body to bob up and down on him. One on one, these guys were super confident and aggressive in bed, but now they were being shy and timid. I had to coach them through what I wanted. I wiggled my ass at #1 and even reached back to spank myself to show that I wanted him to play with me. He got the hint and started to grab at and rub my ass, he slipped his fingers up my shorts to rub my already soaked pussy. #3’s dick didn’t leave my mouth for a second as I rhythmically slid up and down on him. I had to feel around for his hand, and when I found it, I placed it on the back of my head and closed a fistful of my hair in his palm to let him know he could set the pace. Finally I was getting what I really deserved, to be the center of attention, to be coveted, to be an attainable fantasy.

After a few minutes of that I stood up in front of them. Without saying a word I peeled my tanktop off and dropped it to the floor. Still without saying a thing I walked past them, behind the sofa where I slowly pushed my shorts down around my ankles and stepped out of them. As I walked down the hall towards my room I dropped my bra on the floor, then right in front of my door I stepped out of my panties. I layed prone on my bed waiting.

A few moments later they let themselves in. I must have had the biggest shit eating grin on my face because they giggled when they saw me. I got up onto all fours and directed #1 to lay in front of me, patting the bed. Then I reached behind to sink a finger into my wet pussy and licked it clean to show #3 I was wet and ready for him. They quickly stripped down and there I was between them. I started to blow #1 who was laying in front of me, and #3 pressed himself deep inside me from behind. It was an overwhelming and amazing feeling. I would get caught up in the feeling of getting fucked and just moan with dick hanging half out of my mouth. Then I would feel like I had to catch up and I would go down hard on #1 basically throat fucking myself in the excitement.

Whenever I needed a break, I would pull away, wipe myself off on my sheets and flip around to give both of them a chance at both my holes. I switched maybe three of four times over the course of maybe 30 – 45 minutes. They both moved up to their knees for most of that time and I was the spit roast. The three of us took turns setting the pace. I would rock my body between them, or one would grab my hips and fuck me harder as I moaned on cock, or one would grab my head and face fuck me as the other spanked me a bit. Eventually I had to take a break. We took turns going to the bathroom and cleaning up but I made it very clear to both of them I wasn’t done with them. We cuddled up and watched a couple episodes of The Office while I tried to get them to tell me how sexy I was.

When I was ready for round two, I told them I just wanted to do them one at a time. I climbed on top of #3 as slid myself down onto him (I picked him first because I wanted to give the sloppy seconds to #1, that asshole). Its easier to make myself cum when I’m on top, so I rode myself to completion on him. My hands posted on his chest, his hands on my ass following my hip movement. I rode him hard for probably 10 minutes and soon I was a quivering, cumming mess on top of him. No sooner had I come down from my orgasm, he grabed my ass to hold me in place and bucked his hips hard and fast until he came. I think he tried to pull out but I forced myself down on him, making sure he sprayed his hot, sticky jizz deep inside me.

As soon as he was done, and I felt like I got every last drop I rolled over on my back, opened my legs, and beckoned #1 over to me with my finger. He pinned me to the bed, sank himself into me and wasted no time fucking me as hard as he could. He was jealous and pissed off that his friend was the one who ‘made me cum’ and not him. His incessant fucking pumped all of his friend’s cum out of me, it dripped down my ass and soon I was getting fucked in a puddle of sex juices that were soaking into the sheets. His grip tightened around me and he thrust as hard as he could in and out of me. He was using me as a toy to get himself off. I could tell he wanted to cum in me so bad like he wanted to reclaim me. He snarled nasty things at me like: “God damn, you are such a fucking slut! You’re the biggest whore I’ve ever met!” And I snapped right back at him “that’s right I am a fucking slut, so shut up and fuck me good. Give this whore what she needs and fill me up!” He came quickly after that. I remember feeling the hot jet of his sperm paint my insides and I remember thinking it was extra hot (temperature) because of how jealous he was, but that was probably all in my head.

I slept alone that night in a bed that was cold and damp from all the sweat, spit, and cum. Neither of them wanted to cuddle me that night. The next day we had a very long and awkward road trip back to school. Over the next few weeks as I came back to reality, and to the realization of what I had done, I feel into a deep depression. I felt so shitty about myself. As word made it around campus about my adventure I would hear whispers behind my back everywhere I went. That made me even more depressed, which lead me to make even more regrettable decisions the rest of the semester. I would see the guys around campus/town here and there but I don’t think I ever spoke to another one of them again.

I have gotten over it now though. I’m in a much better place mentally and I’m with a man who treats me right. I’m not a ‘hotwife’ but he does love to hear me tell slutty stories about my past and the spring break story one is his favorites. I even get off thinking about it now (which is why I wrote this).

I know now that slut isn’t a four letter word, and if I could go back and do it all over again I would, I just might have a lot more confidence this time, or pick different guys.

Well thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. I don’t mind PMs if you want to chit chat more, and I’ll try to answer any questions comments as I get time.

Your stupid slut forever,


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Date: March 3, 2023

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