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Emily Urias, Reporter

The Sex Life of College Girls is your non-stereotypical drama-comedy series. 
The show was created by American Indian actress, comedian, and author Mindy Kaling and TV writer Justin Noble and is currently on its second season streaming on HBO Max.
The four 18-year-old freshmen roommates live in a fictional Vermont campus of Essex College where the characters explore their sexual lifestyle as they navigate the rigors of college and adulthood. 
The series begins with four female roommates Bella, Whitney, Leighton and Kimberly.
Bella is an American Indian character that struggles internally with wanting to be liked by those around her.
Whitney struggles to find what major and career path she wants to take.
Leighton comes from a wealthy family and struggles to come to terms with her sexuality.
Kimberly comes from a lower-middle class family that struggles financially which makes it difficult for them to support her college education.
These girls come from different backgrounds and they are all getting to know each other while changing the mentality that was instilled in them back at home.
Since the roommates deal with their own internal conflicts, the series is packed with real-life situations that many college students can relate to, such as, coming to terms with their sexuality, financial struggles, academic distress, break-ups, and betrayals.
For many reasons, I appreciate Mindy Kaling for creating this show. 
It feels refreshing to have a series that I can closely relate to as a college student navigating through adulthood. 
However, I feel as though the main characters are not given realistic consequences for their actions when put in life changing situations. 
A few moments during the show can feel like things work almost too well. 
Then again, this is Hollywood.
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Date: January 25, 2023

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