The Misadventures of my Pierced Nipples


I got my nipples pierced for free by a friend from school. By free I mean sex. His girlfriend and I are teammates in the school volleyball team. After getting my nipples pierced, I used my hair to cover my breasts in the locker room. That arose suspicion because I’m now suddenly the weird girl in the locker room. Teasing commenced and my pierced nipples were exposed. That led to a ton of questions I wasn’t comfortable answering, and long story short, the girlfriend eventually found out what happened. This all took place over the course of several days. She confronted me about it, there was shouting, and then a fist fight broke out. Now we’re both suspended for a few days. Thank you, pierced nipples. lol.

Before & After Pic:

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Date: March 18, 2023

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