She sat on it in everyone’s presence


My first year of college was eye opening. I had never dated let alone kissed a girl. Even in the face of X girl thinking i’m cute or being told so and so has a crush on me, I just never had the interest. That is until college. For reasons, I was late moving into the dorms but I had the chance to get situated and meet my roommate. Nice guy, kinda geeky and loud but still my kinda people.

We agree to meet at the rec center later to chop it up and so he could show me around campus. When it was time we headed out and ran into one of this friends. His best friend in fact. She was a short girl looked to be Hawaiian or mixed asian.. I didn’t know. She was cute, slender and had a surprisingly fat ass when she turned around. Not like big but tight and plump. The thing that threw me off was how intensely she was staring at me. My friend was doing introductions and she cut him off to shake my hand and tell me her name. Then proceeded to ask me a lot of person questions but me being inexperienced, I just thought she was energetic. We all agree to hang out and watch a movie later.

Later comes and we’re all in my dorm room (they were built like mini apartments so we had a living room area with a TV). My friend had invited a bunch of people of because that was just the energy. We were all fresh out ready to experience all life had to offer. Then she shows up. She’s wearing a tank top which makes me realize how plump her tits are and shorts that look 2 sizes too short that are hugging and squeezing all the right areas. She says hey to some of the people she already knows then makes a b line over to me..she hugs me and we chat for bit.

My roommate puts the movie in and we’ve got a bunch of people sitting on the floor and two like half couches which my roommate and myself have taken farthest from the television. There’s no room for her so what does she do? She just sits in my lap THEN asks me if it’s okay. Ya’ll when I tell you her ass was as soft as it looked.. it was as soft as it looked. This thing just melted in my lap. And I have zero experience so mini me is already standing at attention and I know she can feel it because i’m wearing lounge pants and her shorts are paper thin but she isnt saying anything. I look down and to my dismay it’s clear she doesn’t have panties on. I’m at death’s door now.

She says she’s cold and asks my roommate for a blanket and he obliges. The whole time i’m fighting for my life and wondering why no one is saying shit. He comes back and tosses it to her and she’s lays it over both us and with a smile says “that’s nice” while looking at me. The lights are of and we’re knee deep in this movie and every minute or so she’ll shift and I’ll feel that ass dig into me. She does it again but this time feels different. More warm. Her shorts are slid down to the point they are hanging off her ass.

I’m losing my mind man. The rooms dark, I glance over at my roommate and this idiot is drilled in on the movie. There’s six other people spread out across the floor all focused on the television. Fuck it. I slide my hand under ass (lord have mercy) unbutton the crotch of my lounge pants and and she shifts so now my dick is pressed between her delicious thighs.. I feel her stroking it with the tips of her fingers. It’s warm, damp and feels sticky like honey. She’s massaging the tip. Every impulse is telling me to throw her down and push into her like an animal. It doesn’t matter where we are. I need to unload this cum but i’m fighting it. Finally, I feel my dick engulfed in a warmth that I’ve never experienced before. It’s a thick, soft and gooey kind of warmth. Almost like how melted chocolate looks when it’s poured over something.

I’m inside her and her ass is still pressed against me but she’s very much pushing it into me now. Guess i’m not a virgin anymore.. I place my hands on her thighs and grind into her and she lets out the tiniest gasp but covers it up by coughing a little. We spend the next 15 or 20 minutes like that. Grinding our privates into each other like monkeys in heat. Her legs are now kinda of spread and falling over mine which makes her feel tighter. She clasps my forearm and digs her nails into it. I feel her pussy tense up tight then release. It’s convulsions feel like a pounding heart beat. I cum hard inside of her.

We finished the movie like that. My arms wrapped around her waist and my semi limp dick still resting inside her. I don’t know how we held it together but we managed to slip her shorts back on and stuff my dick back into my pants. She stayed in my lap as we all chilled and talked about the movie until 2am. Then people started leaving. She was last to go and I saw her off. Once my roommate went in she kissed me and walked down the hall, stopped and pulled out her keys… she lived like 3 doors down.. she sees I’m still watching and gestures for me to come down. I grab my keys and don’t come back till afternoon the next day. Awesome first night at college. Lol

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Date: March 4, 2023

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