My wild awakening


For reference, I’m a thin, petite, girl from poor upbringing. At the time I just turned 18 and my bf was 26, we had been dating for almost a year, not physical yet but getting there with lot of naughty teasing

For my 18th birthday my boyfriend said he’ll take me to his friends home where we can party and after we can get privacy in bedroom for my present.

We started with playing board games, watching movies and a lot of drinking. At one point I was kissing my bf and while making out he pulled off my clothes but I was so into heat that I didn’t notice till we broke the kiss and I notice I’m nude in front of his friends.

I got little shy but all boys were busy complimenting me and telling how lucky my bf is. I was also feeling in heat and naughty so I got comfortable and showed off my body and we chatted a little more naughty till they said let’s play some naughty games like truth and dare.

First dare was mine and I got dared to suck my bfs dick till he came.
I had never done so but was feeling hot to try so when my bf took down his pants I went down to give kiss and lick a little, but on touching it I suddenly felt wild and bold and took it full in my mouth and sucked hard. He grabbed my hair moved my head up and down and for a while all I can think of was that my bfs cock is in my mouth and I want all of it, this went till he came and my throat got full so I came up choking and coughing.

I looked down to go back but his dick had become soft and small so I was disappointed. His friends were all whistling and cheering and one asked if I’ll do same for him, I was in heat so I told yes please give and then all the boys started saying that they all want so I agreed and they got in line and the first boy took out his dick and I started taking it.

The second boy finished fast and I knew to swallow this time so didn’t choke, the third boy was so big I thought I’ll start slow with licking but my bf had moved behind me and was stroking my ass and between my legs, suddenly I felt his cock enter me and I screamed but the boy took that moment to pull my head and push his dick fully into my throat and my body was going wild with all this feelings. My bf finished in me and immediately another boy took his place, in this way for hours they continued to take me both in mouth and pussy. Each boy went at least 3-4 times.

Finally they were tired and let me go and I just collapsed with cum all over my face and thighs.

This was the start of my wild and horny life

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Date: March 1, 2023

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