My most shameful night ever


This happened earlier tonight. I’m still sobering up with a big 2 litre bottle of water in my room and need to get this off my chest.

The bar at my school has a thursday night special every week and it is always packed. By 9PM there is always an hour+ wait just to get in and party. After class I went early with some friends to get drunk on cheap vodka slimes. They are watered down, but I’ve been there hours and got wasted without realizing how many I’ve had.

I ended up grinding and dirty dancing with this hot guy when the alcohol caught up to me. I went to the washrooms, and when I was wearing a super thin thong and when I pulled down my pants to pee, my head wasn’t in the right place and I pissed in my thong. I freaked out and didn’t know what to do. My purse was in my locker I didn’t have anything but toilet paper. I thought of hiding it in my shoe, or trying to dry it out with toilet paper or texting for help. I flushed my thong and went out without panties.

I stayed at the booth with my friends in shame and just chilled for a bit. The guy I was dancing with later found me and I went with him to make out in a booth. Things got heated then he went for it and started fingering me. He quickly realized I wasn’t wearing panties he asked if I wanted to go out for fresh air.

We went over to the econ building, found an empty classroom and I sucked his cock while he fingered me before he had enough and bent me over a table and fucked me. When he was about to cum I turned around and sucked his cock until he came on my face and tits.

My friends were texting where I went at this point, so we went back to the bar. It was almost closing now so walked right in.

While waiting for our ride to pick us up, I went to the dance floor and started dancing with another guy. One of my friends pulled him off me when we had to go and asked what was on my face and clothes before she started laughing her ass off. There was a blacklight in the dance floor area and from up close you could tell there was cum on neck, cleavage and top. Our group chat is still talking about it and I want to roll up into a ball and die.

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Date: March 5, 2023

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