My FWB is a photographer so we did a sexy photoshoot before I fucked him (19F)


One of the FWBs I was seeing a lot last semester is a photographer. After hooking up one night I asked him if we could do a sexy photoshoot just for fun. It was around Halloween so I did a few costumes. The first was a cowgirl with cowgirl boots and white lingerie. The second costume was a playboy bunny with black heels and black lingerie. By the time we were done I was dying for his dick and he fucked me all over his apartment. He ripped my black thong off before pounding me from behind. All of the time I spent doing my hair and makeup was ruined once he got his hands on me. He pulled my hair while fucking me and came on my face once he was done. I loved prancing around his apartment like a little slut knowing he was just going to rail me after!

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Date: March 17, 2023

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