My first slutty adventure!


Tiny short backstory: I’ve been either in a relationship or married pretty much since I turned 18. I had a few months here and there of being single but never really got to be the slut I really am.

I’m a welder and I’m the only woman in our entire shop. I worked there for 3 years and one of my coworkers always wanted to fuck me so bad but I was married. I teased him all the time. I let him show me how to fabricate our products bent over in front of him and lightly grazed his pants all the time. Fast forward a few years and I came back to work there again and now he’s the boss. He started flirting with me again and asked if I was finally gonna give it up since I wasn’t married anymore. So I said fuck it and asked him when and where?
We come in at 6am and our office staff doesn’t come in until 7:30am. It was about 7:10 when we were talking about it and he told me to go to the bathroom and wait for him. He walked around the building so nobody would see and came in the bathroom and immediately grabbed me by the hips and I started undoing his pants. Dropped to my knees and sucked his dick until he was rock hard and I turned around and pulled my pants down and bent over the counter. Right as he went to put it in we heard the janitor outside the door so I had to be silent. He started fucking me and we both came within a minute. It was so fucking good and so fucking hot. He pulled out and came on my ass and I bent over and cleaned his cock up with my mouth and almost made him cum again but we were out of time.
He walked out first and bullshitted with the janitor for a minute. I heard the main door shut so I thought I was safe to leave but when I walked out there he was. Hopefully he doesn’t tell anyone so I can continue to get fucked like a good slut at work. 😈

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Date: March 6, 2023

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