My [F22] first DP


I thought it would be interesting and hot to share the first DP I did. Which was with a fwb (Sonny) and his friend (Ben).

So Sonny and I were having a drink at a bar when he started talking about threesomes, if I ever had done any. At that point I had done two FFM threesomes. He said he’d done zero and it was high on his sexual bucket list. He was especially interested in sharing a girl with another guy. Of course he asked me if I would be interested. Now, I’m always curious about trying new things so I said yes right away. He said right away that his biggest wish would be to DP me. I had done like, fingering both my holes, I had done anal, but still the thought of being fucked in both my holes at the same time was a bit overwhelming. But the idea was planted in my head and my curiosity got the better of me and I said yes. He later said he would text me if he had found someone to do this with.

Two weeks later he sent me a picture of Ben. He was like a copy of Sonny. Both are of similar height, toned, short brown hair. Obviously their faces are different but still, they looked very similar. He asked if Ben would be okay for the threesome and I said sure. He texted me that next saturday I could come over to his place at 8 in the evening.

I made sure I prepared myself beforehand. Made sure I was clean, put in a plug, some nice lingerie and wearing something that comes off easy. Sonny lives like 15 minutes away from me so it was a short trip to his house. Ben was already there. Sonny introduced us and made sure we had some drinks. This shit is always a bit awkward at first but I have to admit Sonny was pretty smooth in handling all this. We had a bit of small talk first and then he kissed me. We made out with lots of tongue and he gently pushed me towards the couch next to Ben. He moved his face into my neck forcing my head to turn to Ben, who understood the assignment and started making out with me.

I went back and forth between Sonny and Ben. Both of them were touching my body all over. I’m gonna brag a bit here but my tits are my biggest asset. They took their time enjoying my tits. At one point both guys were sucking on one tit. I gotta say, I felt like a fucking goddess at that moment. At this point I was pretty fucking wet already. Making out does that to me. So I went down onto my knees between them and had them both remove their pants and underwear. I started to stroke both of them, sucking them in turns. I started slowly, teasing a lot, making sure their dicks got covered in a lot of saliva before taking them deeper. Sonny then got me up to his bed and put me on all fours, he grabbed my hair and pushed my lips back onto his cock, bucking lightly. I felt Ben getting behind me and he removed my thong. He spotted the plug and said: ”Sonny, she is definitely the slut you said she would be. Plug is already in.” I could see Sonny smile before Ben slowly pushed his dick into my pussy, starting the thrust deeper into me.

Sonny and Ben switched positions a few times. Sonny ate me out till I came while I kept on sucking on Ben’s dick and balls. Sonny then took charge and told Ben to lie down and me to get on top of him. Sonny slowly pulled the plug out of my ass, lubed my ass and his dick and positioned his dick against my asshole. Now maybe this was us but it took a few tries to get the angle right. I had to make sure Ben stayed inside of me while Sonny was behind us both trying to push his cock up my ass. Ben was distracted by my tits which was good because both Sonny and I needed some time to adjust. We used more lube which did the trick. Slowly Sonny pushed deeper and deeper into my ass. And that’s when both tried to find a rhythm to fuck me at the same time. Both their dicks slipped out a few times but I guess that’s part of the game. When they found a steady rhythm I got overwhelmed by all the stimulations at the same time. I felt so much at once. When I was about to cum they stopped because they needed a little rest and wanted to switch holes. I was a little pissed but I got over it pretty quickly. Sonny got under me, I got on top and this time Ben lubed his dick and pushed into my ass. They found their rhythm faster this time and within a few minutes I came so fucking hard. I loved it. They gave me a few seconds to regain some breath before they started fucking my again. I told them I wanted to cum both inside me! Ben was the first. He started fucking my ass a bit harder until he filled my ass with his cum. Sonny started fucking my hard too once Ben had slided out of my ass, spanking me, thrusting hard and his hand on my neck when he came inside my pussy. I have to admit I had to lie down for a little while before going to the bathroom. We fooled some more that night but this is the story of my first DP.

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Date: March 12, 2023

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