My ex texted me while my boyfriend was abroad


I’ve been in couple for almost 2 years with Mr always busy working… I must admit that sometimes I’m craving for attention and miss a bit the passion and excitment of the early days. But I always manage to keep my mind busy.

Last week, he left for a business trip in Bangkok. As I was coming out of the shower, I checked my phone and noticed my ex-boyfriend had messaged me, asking me what I’m up to. We’ve had that toxic relationship for a few months. He is the bad boy type. Completely different from my bf…

It was so obvious what he was doing but I thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. Nope, he wanted to fuck, right then and there. He said he could fuck me hard, really hard like we used to do…

Even though I sometimes think about this wild sex we used to have, I kindly replied to him that I was in couple. But the moment he knew he was not in town he started to laugh and said “I’m on my way!”

I could barely believe it when I saw him walking up to my door. I opened to him and started flattering me on my body. I loved the attention. Then he gave me a gift that I could only take if I aggreed to go on a date with him later that week. I took the gift and kindly kiss him goodbye.

I opened the gift, it was some super sexy black lingerie. I absolutely loved it!

So you know what your naughty girl did?

I did my hair, did my makeup all nice, put my ex’s lingerie and waited for my boyfriend to come back home so he could fuck me like an animal. I litterally asked him to cum all over this new lingerie. Then I took a picture of this mess on my body and sent it to my ex before blocking him for being a dickhead.

Cannot lie, my boyfriend was surprised. It’s been years we did not have sex that hard.

Slutty or not?

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Date: March 5, 2023

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