Mall Challenge Lesbian Edition!


Hey, so, I posted for the first time here a few days ago and the main reason for that was because I was going to try the Mall Challenge this week!

I should probably explain in advance, I’m not going to mention any stores by name, nor my location. I work in the music industry, and my manager signed me knowing full well what I’m like as a person. She’s told me off in the past for some of my more sexual escapades and as much as I hate being told what to do, I gotta respect the woman for being able to actually help me make money doing what I love. I’ve signed an agreement that I’ll try as hard as I can to avoid being recognised online. Hence, I’ll just describe the store and maybe if you’re a local, you can work it out.

The two biggest shopping centres in the state were having a weird Wednesday night event where they stay open late and do massive sales. I only found out because my favourite lingerie store gave me a heads up that they were doing it as a VIP night and that it’d be 20% off storewide (Sorry bank account!). I figured, it’s darker than usual, there’s going to be a huge crowd for the sales, and, most importantly, employees just lost their Wednesday night off, they’re going to be half assing it and I thought that would help me hide.

I finished work for the day and headed over to the challenge grounds. I’d packed a couple of toys in case I needed them. Namely my strap on harness, a 6″ dildo to affix to it/use on its own, a little cheap bullet vibe and a pair of leather cuffs.

I started out at a coffee shop in the centre. I’m not a coffee drinker, but love me a freshly squeezed juice. I figure, fuel up, you’re going to need the energy tonight. I get into line behind this stunning girl. She is tiny. I’m like 5’10, and she’s got to be a full foot shorter than me. But she has a stunning figure. Beautiful light feminine curves and just this perfectly toned ass. We’re talking the type of girl who will do the exact workout and diet of her favourite celeb just because she wants to look good at the club. Anyway, I have to have a shot at her, so I ask her where she got her leggings, hoping it’ll hint to her that I’ve been staring at her butt. We chat while waiting for our coffee. She has long, straight girl nails, but she brings up her flexibility twice, so I figure, fuck it, maybe she’s flirting, worth a short. I say words to the effect of “Look, I don’t want to be too forward, but I’d love the chance to eat you out”. She practically spits out her coffee, but her response is “What, like now?” instead of “no”. I tell her that she doesn’t need to reciprocate, I just want to make a hot girl cum. She’s nervous but on board so we find somewhere to go.

Now, being two girls is amazing because you can go into a change room together and no-one thinks twice. I literally just went into the nearest clothing store and had us pick out four items each before saying “Oh no, it’s fine, we’ll share a stall” so we’d get the bigger handicapped stall and 8 items worth of girl try on time. More than enough.

True to form, this girl was adorable head to toe and had these super cute little nipples that were fun as fuck to nibble on. But the real winner was her pussy. She shaved it all except for a little tuft at the top, which was weirdly soft. Like, trimmed hair should not be that soft. Turns out she used coconut oil on it, which if I didn’t wax, I might try some time. I digress. It became very clear I was her first woman because she kept saying things like “I can’t believe I’m doing this”, “I’m straight, why does this feel so good” or combinations and rewordings of the two. We get a “Do you need any help?” and she yelps, but I say, “oh you startled us, we’re fine”. I know I only have a couple of minutes tops to finish her, so I crack out the bullet vibe and go to town… after shoving her underwear in her mouth first as a silencer. She goes off like a gun and I have to quite quickly shift my attention to holding her upright as I lower her to the floor so she doesn’t make noise as she falls. I lick my fingers clean and start taking the clothes off hangars (so it looks like we tried it on and are just bad people). We return the clothes with a “Maybe next time” and part ways out the front of the store. I hope she sorts out her sexuality. I really love being a girl’s sexual awakening 🙂

Next I had to go to the bathroom to reapply makeup as I’d smeared mine for what I hope are obvious reasons. I go in and a girl looks at my makeup, the teensy bit of juice I didn’t get straight away, my nails, and then back to look me in the eye. In the same time, I size her up. The blue pixie cut hair and flannel make me think I’m in with a shot. I figure, fuck it, this is what the mall challenge is about and go “Can I give you my number? Eat you ou- I mean take you out some time?” She blushes and goes to take out her phone. I say “Not here” and take her by the hand to a cubicle. She’s reluctant and awkward and all around adorable. I gently kiss her and holy shit you guys I unleashed a beast. We’re talking lip biting, what would be back scratching if she had longer nails, light spanking (Which I punished her for, which she seemed into) and so, so much name calling. There’s really nothing quite like hearing “Please shove your slutty tongue into my whore cunt” and “I wanna be your dyke fucktoy, you gorgeous slut queen”. Great fun. Actually got her number because, holy shit, I have to show someone else this girl.

Probably worth mentioning that I’m skipping my failures. Had a cute Asian girl swear I was doing a prank video, even after I pointed out a complete lack of cameras pointed at us and a statuesque blonde just politely tell me she was straight. There was a BUNCH of others (gay girls are hard to find go figure). I also live in a city where most of the standard signs of being a gay girl (Short/partially shaved hair, glasses, flannels, all black, dyed hair, etc) are just trendy, so that ups my strike out rate.

Was going to give up and go visit my favourite lingerie store when I decided to pop in to a store that has a bit of a reputation for provocative clothes. Me and this girl wind up with one leg each of the last pair of wetlook leggings in our size. She’s a brunette and one of the few women my height that I’ve seen today. We’re basically the same build. If it weren’t for the face, she could be the “pre-alternative” version of me. I’m a massive narcissist, so I was totally on board. I joke that whoever looks better in them should get them. We get a changeroom together. I try them on first, showing off my lingerie. I pull my top off too because “I’d wear it with a sports bra or crop top anyway”. I pull the leggings on and pose a bit. I’m flaunting it really hard. I go your turn and just pose while she tries them on. I say “You win” seeing her in them. And she did win. She’s got a slightly more toned ass than me and it filled them out better. I was craving a mouth on me by that point so I walked up behind her. It was pretty obvious what I was doing, but didn’t want to creep her out, so I waiting for her to look me in the eye and nod before closing the gap. I started to touch her and slide my hands down the front of her new leggings. I’m working hard, but she’s clearly either a bit of an exhibitionist or doesn’t masturbate because she came super fast. She asks permission to return the favour, and I gladly grant it. I wrap my legs around her head and ride her tongue until I finally get my first orgasm of the day. Twas pretty great. She bought the leggings out of guilt for leaving a wet patch in the front and we split.

Finally, I went up to my favourite lingerie store. The girls know me really well there. Especially this black haired girl, couple years older than me, hot as FUCK and the uniform requirements of the store means all the staff are dressed super provocatively and ALL like submissives to show off the bondage gear. It’s heaven. Anyway, she gets flirty with me, and I’m in there often enough to know she doesn’t flirt like this with other customers. If I didn’t want to make future trips to the store awkward, I’d make the move. But I don’t shit where I eat, so to speak, and I stand by that.

I’m just disappointed I didn’t get to use my strap-on by this stage, but I’m also ready to go home, so I pick up a new collar (for a new submissive!) and head home.

Hope you’re all on board for this one! I look forward to sharing more escapades with you in future 🙂

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Date: March 17, 2023

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