Lined up pussys


My boyfriend has been bugging me for a long time to fulfill his fantasy with what he called “lined up pussys.” He has always wanted me to find several other women and just line them up so he can go down the line and fuck them all. Of course I wanted it to be equal so I told him the same number of men would have to involved, with some grumbling he finally agreed to it. As it turned out planning such a thing was a logistic nightmare. To coordinate that many schedules all at once is tough in normal times. During a pandemic it’s nearly mission impossible. And during a pandemic in Portland Oregon, like the city it was chaos! But last weekend we finally pulled it off. 3 couples: 3 women, 3 guys. Boyfriend of course wanted more but 3 is better than none. We got a hotel for the night. Myself and two other women lined up face down, asses up in a line on the beds. The guys could go back and fourth and stay with one girl for as long or as little as he wanted. We just all agreed he had to cum in the woman he was with.

At first it was just to make my boyfriend happy. But I quickly became surprised at how turned on I was by it. Watching my boyfriend just go down the lines of pussys (ok there was only 2 besides me but line sounds hotter). Then watching the other girls react as their boyfriend/husband were fucking me. Don’t get me wrong we’ve done swinging plenty of times. But noobies are always a little more fun to see their new reaction when it’s happening and both the other couples were. And just the dynamic and phrase of “lined up pussys” made this situation hotter. Call it “run the train” call it whatever you want but I enjoyed this one better.

Anyway it of course went much quicker than expected. The guys got a little excited by the idea and came relatively quickly. We rested for a short time. We told the boys they had to stay on their bed and we could stay on ours. And after a short rest the girls started playing a little. Nothing too crazy with the beginners. But watching it made the guys ready for a second round which last longer this time. At the end there was a little bit of a rift with one of the girls because her husband ended up cumming inside of me instead of her. But she eventually got over it.

All in all it was a big success. Almost too much because now he wants more! I don’t think I’m up for planning that one.

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Date: March 1, 2023

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