Las Vegas Private Fuck Party: a star on my collar for each load I took.



“Ever been to Vdara?”

“Vuhwhat?” I must’ve sounded so green as the gentleman ran me through a list of questions on the phone. This wasn’t your standard job interview. I was being auditioned for the beginning of a beautiful slut adventure. I just didn’t know it at the time – oh sure, I’d be primed with some info. But reading and hearing about something is different than living it yourself. Though I once read in a book about Happiness is that the best way to predict the future is to ask someone who’s done what you’re going to.

After doing that, I went through with it.

So here’s the sitch: along with three other girls (there were originally four, but one felt uncomfortable after we began, so she dropped out), I was selected to be part of a private, low-key event in Las Vegas held by a group of well-resourced businessmen. You can see where this is going. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I was “discovered” by discreet word-of-mouth, quite bluntly after a previous time I’d been a fucktoy. And one question led to the next about my interest and availability.

You’re going to laugh at me for this, and it’s okay: what got me really intrigued was not just the prospects to explore my sexuality, but being details-oriented and anxious (it works both for and against my favor) about travel, how well-organized the itinerary was. They’d fly me out from my hometown, and as I’d soon learn and later become very familiar with, Vdara is a very nice hotel on the Strip. I wasn’t feeling the vibe at the time, because when I looked up info about it, there was an alarming amount of lingering bad PR about how this hotel had a “death ray” (I know, WTF) that fried people in the swimming pool. My mind got preoccupied by that bizarre factoid. I didn’t volunteer this info either, but the gentleman explained why they picked this particular place (besides the death ray), that it was an otherwise classy and quieter stay than, say, Aria next door. It was pretty new and they wanted to “break it in” because they had done events at some of the other Strip mainstays before.

I’d get my own private room. Have a couple days to do some sightseeing, then the next night, come to the loft. Expenses? All paid for. Anything else I wanted? By request. I was told to send an expense report of my charges within “reasonable indulgence”. Of course I took advantage of room service. And I did some shopping at Crystals. The architecture and scents almost overwhelmed me.

“We’ll fully accommodate you if you fully accommodate us.” the gentleman said, not long before he hung up.

I’ll never forget this line, because I burst out giggling at the most inopportune time. It sounded like he’d recited this, like you know, “I bet you say that to ALL the girls”. I thought my excessive laughter might be a black mark against me. But I was later reassured they liked my playfulness.


“It’s time. Come up.” my phone buzzed.

My heart was racing. I showed up at the room, knocked. Felt like an eternity, but the door opened a crack, then wider, and I was given a warm hug by Rhea, mature lady (who was somewhat of a mentor figure to me at times, and was married to James, one of the men who had been with me previously) who gave me the whirlwind tour, and introduced me to others who had already arrived. One of them was a familiar face, JP. I ran into his arms and gave him a big hug. He is a well-reputed builder and rigger of BDSM gear in the PNW, and he had assisted some of these men in constructing devices for living out their fantasies. Tonight, he was just hanging out and people-watching. It was exciting to meet new faces, nervous as I was.

It was such a cool place! Two floors, and I’ll always remember (because I spent the most time there) that the bedroom on the top floor had an open and unobstructed view.

Rhea took my hand to the powder room, asked me if I had any questions while I did touch-ups. I couldn’t think of any then. She fastened a collar onto me. It was tall and leather, and matched my little black dress. Not as tall as a posture collar, but enough to make me stretch my neck, arch my back a little. And it also had my name tag stitched into it with the date of the event, for easy reference by the men. And I was reminded of the rules:

* I spend time just being myself. As the night passes and it gets late, debauchery is expected to escalate.
* Drinking to ease in is fine. No hard drugs. Come prepared with Viagra or Cialis if you want.
* No clothes are allowed on the guest girls. Just my collar.
* When a gentleman wants me, he’ll take me to where he wants to have me, and I’m expected to fully participate.
* While female bisexuality is welcomed, it’s not the focus of this event.
* Everyone has been screened throughly. IDs have been secured, although using a “stage name” is fine for this event. Condoms are allowed but not necessary.
* If I need to tap out at any time, I give the safeword “death ray” (I’m aware of the irony in this). However, if I do so prematurely, it’s likely I won’t be asked back. Look at this as an opportunity for future growth.
* Once a gentleman has an orgasm with me, he’ll take a silver sharpie and mark my collar with a small star.

There were a few other fine points, but those were the main ones that stood out. Rhea helped me out of my dress, gave me a warm embrace, and told me to make the most of it. “You’ll do great, sweetheart,” she said in her southern twang.

As I rounded the corner, I was exposed to all. By this time, more guests had come in, including a couple girls who were going to make their way to Rhea. I thrive on sensory overload at times, and this was definitely one of them.

I had a sheepish “grin and bare it” smile when I walked out. It sure wasn’t the first time I had been exposed in front of a crowd, but there was something about the whole setup that made it feel new and even a bit dangerous.


“Don’t be shy,” one man says. “We’ll all be like that soon enough, the clothes are an inconvenience. I’m Roland.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m -” I tap on my collar, showing him.

Moments later, he is deep inside me. Thrusting, rolling his hips and pushing me forward with each stroke. He was quick to savor these goods. A few feet away, a presumed friend is pumping away into another girl, Tania, she has dark skin and wild hair. I’ve never met her before this night, but we shoot each other knowing slut-glances. Remember that upper room bed I told you about? Well, some busybodies had already occupied the lower one (and other spaces around the loft), so we were led up the stairs, told to get into all fours, and promptly penetrated.

“Your pussy’s so goooo -”

He never does get to pronounce that hard D, but he definitely gives me his own hard D as he bottoms out and empties inside of me. Sprays that sperm, grabs my hips, squeezes his fingers over my lower belly, to the point where my ovaries are a little tender.

I feel used.

“You’re absolutely sweet Marie,” Roland whispers into my ear.


“Bob Dylan song. Before your time. But you really are.”

I blush and push out with my pelvic muscles. Cum oozes out onto the formerly pristine sheets as I do my part in breaking this bed in. My labia are already swelling, my clit engorged. I rub myself in circles, tugging the hood like a sweet sticky bullet, until I loudly cum in front of everyone.

I can see Tania and her companion have done their part as well, they finished awhile before and they’re cuddling on the other side.

While I take a breather, face down, ass up, Roland takes a sharpie from the nightstand, makes his mark on my collar.


Before I know it, I feel another hand on me from behind. I turn around and I don’t remember his name, but that’s not important right now.

“You okay with this?” I ask, stuttering a bit, not sure how to phrase it. What I’m trying to get at is whether he feels comfortable getting official sloppy seconds. Most of the guys at this event are, I’ll even learn some are bi. It’s just not the emphasis for this event, and I just feel an obligation to be polite.

He nods confidently, motions over to Tania, “Taste her.” Before I know it, we are lined up in a human sort of daisy chain, where Tania is laid back on the bed, sucking her new friend’s dick. He’s pumping into her face and standing. Meanwhile, I’ve got my tongue between her sunkissed coltish legs, cleaning up the mess of her coupling.

My new guy eases into me. His cock is slicked with my juice and the cummy remnants, and as he plugs into me, he lets out a low howl. He isn’t much of a talker, just grunts real deep, and I know he’s getting turned on by me eating out a fellow slut.

I reach back, caress his balls and shaft with one hand. Tease, milk it. I want his cum in me, making a gooey stew in there.

For a moment, he flops me on my bat, bends my legs up close to my ears, pulls me onto the edge of the bed and buries himself. I whimper. Then, from one man to another –

“Switch places?”


So now, the king (I think) bed looks smaller and smaller. The two men are laying back on a pillow pile, their hard dicks out and swinging. Tania and I have exchanged places to get a taste of each other’s men. Though Tania’s guy already came with her, he’s still hard, jerking himself while I suck his shaft. I look up for approval, and though he has a furrowed brow which makes him seem more serious, I know he’s having fun.

But it looks like he has other plans, he motions me to share the other guy’s tool with Tania. So we’re both working him greedily, I spit and she rubs it in up and down, his glans is so shiny in the light. He must feel like a king getting this double BJ.

“Nyugghhhhhh -”

He pops a big load like an uncorked champagne bottle. Rivulets of strongly-scented semen fire out. I angle it towards Tania’s face, and she pushes it back towards mine. He’s more of an oozer than a shooter, so we dip our heads down and flick our tongues to prolongue his ecstasy. I slurp and inhale. Some of it gets up my nose and it burns, but after choking a bit and reassuring the other three I’m OK, I feel blissed. This is part of the fun for me, working together with strangers to give and receive pleasure.

We bundle up together. Tania’s original guy is idly stroking his dick and grinning at us. We have completely exhausted the new guy, at least for now.

“So who does the star count for?” I ask, before realizing it sounds a touch selfish.

“Both of you girls deserve it.” He marks Tania, then me. She and I kiss, messing up our lipstick and gloss further, bonding over his cum.

I thank them, then excused myself to the washroom. My cats-eye makeup had already gotten a little smudged and my cheeks were puffy. There was no saving my earlier lipstick now, so I applied a fresh coat for the next man who would have me.

It would be mere minutes.


Walking out, said low-key event was in full fuck mode, and there were actively engaged couples and moresomes happening around me. I felt almost dreamlike walking up to the window glass, then looking out on the cityscape below. All the pretty lights. I caught a glimpse of a tall man’s reflection, and he takes my hand. He knows me, he doesn’t have to read my tag.


“JAAAAAMES,” I do a really bad Nicki Minaj impression of her verse in “Monster”. Which in hindsight, is probably even more inappropriate because of James’ ethnicity. But it’s part of an in-joke, so there ya go.

We make small talk as the fucking continues around us. Casual nudity is in full swing now because James doesn’t have anything on himself, and of course, collar aside, neither do I. He is a little sweaty from the fun he’s already had. James has been with me several times before, and is well-versed with how to please me. Rhea swings by, the only one still clothed of us three, gives her hubby a knowing look, and she kisses my cheek and asks if I want anything to drink. No, I’m good. In fact, gonna be better.

James spins me around, presses my modest tits up against the glance, pushes one of my legs up so my legs are parted, one foot balancing on a small footstool/table. I can feel that he’s stroking himself.

Rhea knows her hubby even better than I do, and while he puts each ebony palm flat on the sides of my shoulders facing the glass, she guides his impressive cock into me.

Nature does the rest, and James sinks into my damp pussy, which welcomes him back. Rhea flirtaciously gives his and my body a few nibbles, declares “You kids have fun!” Then she heads off while her husband continues to work over my petite form.

“I’m gonna take my time,” James says.

“How many already?” I say, meaning how many times has he cum? His words are a veiled way of saying he’ll need longer.

“You’re my third, then I’m done for the night.”

“Yeah right. You don’t have to, you know -”

“What, cum?”

“Does it only count if you cum?” I reference my collar stars.

“Yeah. Rules is rules.”

“No pressure. I’m cool with giving you a massage or a handjob or -”

He disarms my sentence – lets out a hearty laugh and lodges his shaft in me, steadying me while we find a shared rhythm in our hot fuck.

I cum midway while he’s rooted inside my hot cunt. He asks if I did, I acknowledge it.

My face cheek gets momentarily flattened against the glass like my boobs, and I have a self-conscious moment of realizing that if someone was washing the windows and looking in, they might be simultaneously aroused and horrified.

“I heard you put in a good word for me,” I tease.

“I heard I put a good dick in you!” James bellows.

We try different positions. Both beds are taken so he takes me doggy on a glass table. My knees get wobbly as I’m looking down. This position isn’t quite doing it for him, so he pulls me into his lap on the sofa, and I bounce on him, riding up and down. We discover, somewhat belatedly, that this sofa can be converted into a bed. So then he mishes me, his body surrounding mine. Nowhere to go but deep between my legs. Others come by on occasion. One man, who I think was called Ed, gets real close and is jerking off to the sight of James’ broad, intimidating body defiling mine. Ed is terribly turned on by my little body getting railed by this giant, and Ed pops into my mouth, another star.

James uses me for a good, long time until he finally erupts, and I earn my star.

Ed is curious to see what I look like inside, so when James pulls out, Ed comes in close again.

“Flare for my buddy.” James commands.

I know what that means. I reach my own hands back, grip my cunt lips, and push, releasing James’ dripping mess. I blush, holding my contraction tense until James and Ed are satisfied.

(I’d later learn that this is Ed’s first party like this. He was like a kid in a candy store!)

James and I sit together, and I have a bottled water.

“Have you met Tiana and Julie?” James gestures, implying he had been with them before me. Tiana waves back and nods. Julie is in the throes of a spit-roast between two men I haven’t been with. Yet.


I was a wanton slut for multiple other men (and women) that night. Different flavors, combinations. The ambient scent gradually changed from floral and cologne to raunchy, raw sex and condoms (do they smell like shrimp crackers to anyone else or is that just me?). By the time the sun rose, I had 14 stars on my collar, which I took home as a keepsake.

But besides all the sluttery, I’m especially proud that I helped with cleanup afterwards.

I’m also pleased I took good notes, so on this bitter cold early morning while I’m trying to maintain quarantine (I was rightfully chastised by some of you looking out for my health), I have a reminder of how far I’ve come, and what I can look forward to after this passes. Remember, we’re all in this together, and we’ll get through.

Needless to say, I was invited back, and have continued to be fully accommodating over the years.

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Date: March 2, 2023

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