I Was Fucked into Oblivion by my First Black Guy at Mardi Gras


I’ve always loved this sub and was excited to make an account just for this and I’m so happy to make my first contribution! This story happened to me about a month ago and the way I’ve felt since has been like nothing else, every time I close my eyes I can’t help but relive it and touch myself.

This post is long so if you want to skip the background, go to the (******) for the good stuff and (XXXXX) for the REALLY good stuff, tl;dr I’m at Mardi Gras and you can probably fill in the blanks yourself.

My customary background: I’m a 19-year old, 5’4, 135lb college girl with slightly wavy light-brunette hair that dips just below my shoulders, hazel eyes, 34C breasts, and a pretty nice bubble butt if I can brag a little. In high school I played soccer which gave me some killer definition in my ass and legs that I’ve maintained decently enough since then. I’ve always been a “good girl”, I got good grades, had a great relationship with my parents, and when I do cut loose, it’s always in a safe, respectable way.

At the time of this story, I’d only been with three guys with varying degrees of skill in the bedroom. The first was my long-term high school boyfriend. He was sweet and we cared for each other but neither of us knew what we were doing. Next came an older frat guy I drunkenly hooked up with my first week of college. We were both pretty sloppy but it was fun and I loved the idea of being a dirty girl. My third was a different guy I met at a party and we casually dated for most of my first semester sophomore year. He was nice and good looking and was the first person I could explore my sexuality with. I’ve always loved porn and he was willing and able to fuck me in any position I wanted, as I asked for it, and not finish in 2 minutes while doing it (looking at you HS BF!). He was the first guy to make me cum from sex while I was riding him and he rubbed my clit. While he couldn’t do it every time, it was enough to make me fall for him but he didn’t want anything serious which ended that. Compared to my friends though, I am probably below average in experience.

Finishing up our first round of midterms, I was brainstorming with my two best friends, Amy and Jen, fun ways to blow off some steam. My college is only a couple hours away from St. Louis which has the 2nd largest Mardi Gras festival in the USA complete with flowing drinks, zero open container laws, and packed streets. It seemed like the perfect way for our group to let loose without breaking the bank so off we went!

The whole way we were joking about who would get the most beads and what we’d be willing to do to get them. I figured none of us were serious about it, especially in St. Louis where the weather forecast was in the 40’s, so I joked back “if he had enough beads, I’d let him do whatever he wants to beat you bitches” the whole car broke into huge laughter at the thought of the goodie-two shoes going wild like that.

St. Louis Mardi Gras was exactly as advertised, I had on neon-purple leggings and white sneakers which combined to show off every curve of my body and accentuate my ass. I paired it with a gold sequin jacket left open to show a low cut black top and the best push-up bra I own to make sure my 34C’s were on full display. I finished up the look by feathering my hair and applying full makeup with bright red lipstick. After taking our 100 Instagram selfies and some pregame shots in the room, we hit the town. I don’t think we were prepared for what a mad house it was! People on rooftops, drinking on balconies, 2 story beer bongs: it was college girl paradise! But what shocked me the most was how many girls were actually flashing for beads, it seemed like every block had at least 2 girls taking their shirts off!

Soon, we passed a house party with a few cute guys around our age out front. They called us over with the magic words of “you girls want some Jell-O shots?” to which we of course sad yes! After a few rounds of shots and a couple games of flip cup, one of the guys asked who wanted some beads for the next one. I laughed and played it off as a joke, like any other drunk guy spitting game at a frat party, but Amy and Jen kept looking back and forth at each other and giggling before reaching down to the bottom of their tops and pulling them up to their chins, bra and all, giving the guys exactly what they asked for! I was completely shocked my friends would do such a thing! The whole party went nuts and we got all the shots we wanted after that with Amy and Jen getting loads of special attention. I’m not going to lie, I felt a little left out with how they were joking and laughing to each other about flashing and how everyone was treating them like royalty.

Walking to the next bar, we were all laughing at how Amy and Jen are going to be on the next Girls Gone Wild. Jen asked me “why didn’t you join us?” to which I responded “I guess I chickened out, was it fun?” Amy cut in “of course! You can’t go to Mardi Gras and NOT flash someone!” after another couple blocks of teasing and the compound effects of a day’s shots and beer, I caved and said if they did it with me, I’d flash the next group of guys who offered beads.

As fate would have it, we didn’t have to wait long. As we stopped on a corner to check our directions, three very large and tough looking black guys approached us. They were all dressed in high end street wear, puffy Canada Goose jackets, and a ton of jewelry. The one in the middle, who was by far the best looking and whose name I later learned was Andre spoke up. He was about 6’3 and well-muscled with a perfect close-cropped haircut, deep black skin, and piercing eyes. He looked like one of the football players I’ve seen walking around campus if they ever bothered to wear something other than the free college sweats.

“Hey ladies, it’s Mardi Gras, who wants some beads” he said as he hooked a massive thumb under a clutch of about 100 brightly colored plastic necklaces around his neck.

Amy turned to me and said “You promised!” I tried to get out of it but my friends won me over. We all laughed and I finally said okay. We all grabbed the bottom of your shirts and counted down “3…2…1” and I lifted, exposing my fresh 19 year old, perky tits to the 4th, 5th, and 6th man to ever see them and instantly realized my friends pranked me and I did it alone! I immediately yanked down my shirt as everyone men howled with laughter. My pale skin, already rosy from the cold and the alcohol now turned a deep red. I’ve never been so embarrassed!

“NOT COOL!” I scolded Jen and Amy as everyone was still too amused to care about my protests. “Well at least I get some beads now” I thought to myself.

I looked at Andre and held my hand out expectantly “well a deal’s a deal” I said as confidently as I could, trying to reclaim some shred of dignity.

Andre looked me up and down, a big grin over his face “nah girl, you want beads you have to show me more than that.”

Jen, Amy and Andre’s friends broke into “OHHHHHHHHH’s”. One of his friends said “Yeah girl, I blinked and I missed it!” I protested, saying that was all they were getting and I was done.

Jen and Amy chimed in, showing off their own beads “Come one! Look at these, you said you’d do whatever it takes to beat us!” and they started chanting my name. Thanks to the shots, I was probably more susceptible to peer pressure than normal and caved, turning to Andre. “What do I have to do to get those beads?”


Andre’s friends whooped in excitement while he kept looking me up and down. It was at this moment I couldn’t help but think how hot this situation was. I’ve always had a bit of a submissive kink. I loved being led upstairs by that frat guy, my favorite porn plots had girls at a man’s mercy and now this big man, this tough real man, was sizing me up like a piece of meat after I had just offered myself up on a silver platter. I could see his strong biceps and pecs flexing though his coat and his ripped shoulders poking out from under his shirt. I felt a growing pit in my stomach of nervousness, thinking about how naughty all of this was. I felt a twinge in my jaw and my heartbeat started to get faster as I waited in anticipation for what he had to say.

Andre then looked me dead in the eyes and I felt him stare right though me. In that moment, a sly half-smile creeped on his lips. I began to take stock of how nervous I was and how that must have been evident to anyone watching. My breathing had sped up and my chest was heaving, my pushed up breasts on an even fuller display than they already were.

Andre swaggered forward a couple steps, making his full height over me known. “You are going to show me your tits, and you will keep showing me your tits until I tell you to stop. Do you understand white girl?”

I was completely taken aback by his bluntness and his confidence and without thinking, just blurted out a meek “Yes sir.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just said. Years of being a good daughter, a good student, a good athlete had just conditioned me to respond to authority like that, and being so nervous, I must have just reverted to my base instinct, my automatic response! I didn’t even realize what I did until Andre’s friends started jumping around and hollering. But Andre didn’t move, he maintained that stern direct look right through me.

I slowly reached down to the bottom of my top, gripping the soft cotton and pulling up. I felt it pass by my taught stomach and the point of no return at my bra. Hooking my fingers under the underwire, I lifted that too, feeling the cold air hit my exposed nipples. As I brought my shirt up to my collar bone, I looked Andre right in the eyes.

I didn’t care that my friends were cheering, I didn’t care that his friends were hollering, all I cared about was Andre. What I saw was a predator. Evaluating me, judging me, taking care to slowly drink in every inch of the body I was presenting as his to command and I’d never been more turned on in my life.

My mouth was dry, I felt a tickle all down my sides but my body betrayed me the most with what happened next. Involuntarily I felt a pulsing in my vagina. I thought I’ve been aroused before, I’d thought I’ve been wet before, but not like this. Not this suddenly and without any intimate contact. Every second he looked me up and down was another beating pulse of my sex, feeling my heartbeat stronger in my lips than my chest, and with it came another torrent of my lubricant. My breasts weren’t immune to the effects either. I don’t know how much was my arousal and how much was the whipping wind but in time with every pulse of my pussy, my nipples became more erect as well. Within seconds they were aching glass cutters, my heavy breathing forcing them further upwards as if they were screaming out to be pinched. It took all the strength I had not to bite my lip and softly moan right then and there.

Now the game was on. Which one of us would break first? I knew he was daring me to tell him to stop, to pull down my top and say that I’ve given enough but I wouldn’t be beaten that easily. The game dragged on, my friends and his friends couldn’t believe it as I was baring myself to them for an uncomfortable amount of time but there we stood. Each second became more and more difficult for me as the mere thought of how long I was exposed made me get hornier and hornier, my pussy beating in beautiful agony with every moment.

My best attempt at a poker face was a thin façade hiding my internal fear and panic, I’d never been more turned on in my life and I was barely holding it together to not show it. But my body betrayed me a second time. It got to the point where I was so wet, I was sure the flimsy barrier of my white lace thing would offer zero protection and it would show through my leggings and I shifted my weight to check. Sure enough, my thighs moved with absolutely zero resistance, just a slick sheen. Andre saw the panic in my eyes and he knew he won. “You earned these” he said as he pulled off every necklace he was wearing and gave them to me. Everyone cheered me on and one of his friends said they live nearby and asked us to come drink with them. As I pulled my top down and looked at my friends for reassurance, I saw Andre staring me down knowingly. Before I could collect a word, Amy readily agreed on our behalf and off we went.

The three men shared a row house right around the corner, a beautiful red brick building with hardwood floors, nice décor, and a level of cleanliness I’d never expect from guys that young. One of Andre’s friends put on music, poured out drinks and the party got under way. But there was an undercurrent of raw tension. As we drank, or talked, or played games; Andre would subtly put his arm around my waist. Giving me no choice but to submit. He made me feel his full grip and strength as his fingers applied pressure to just over my pelvic bone forcing me to jut out my butt ever so slightly into his mass in response letting out a sharp exhale every time he reasserted his dominance.

I don’t know how he knew, but he would do this every time my body would start to recover and the pulsing began to fade, sure enough a muscled hand would snake its way across my side, taking care to brush a sliver of my lily white skin left exposed below the bottom of my tight top with his rough hand before pressing in his fingers, making me gasp softly and reigniting my arousal. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that we was claiming me and that left me even hornier than before.

Eventually we found ourselves on the couch, his arm around me while all our friends were playing some drinking game in the kitchen. We talked about where I was from, what I studied and the usual bullshit. He told me he was born and raised in St. Louis and ran a variety of local small businesses with his brothers.

“You ever fucked a guy like me before?” he said, nonchalantly, catching me completely off guard and taken aback. Sure I was turned on but I wasn’t that obvious about it, was I? Either way I never told him I was a sure thing, what kind of girl did he think I was? I had half a mind to curse him out for treating me like that. But instead I just said “never” and looked up at him doe eyed, my chest sticking up and heaving again to give him a better view, my aroused pulse beating harder than ever.

With that he gave a nod to one of his friends who immediately told Amy and Jen they knew the Manager of the bar down the street and they could all cut the line. Amy agreed but Jen had a sense of what was up. I gave her a quick nod and she agreed too. As they were heading out, I held up my glass and said I was going to stay and finish my drink and Andre and I would meet up with them in a few minutes. Half-laughing and all-knowing, our friends left and it was just the two of us.


As the door shut, Andre stood while I moved forward on the couch, shrugging off my gold sequin jacket and taking care to puff out my chest and aching tits that were stretching the fabric of the top underneath. He put his thumb under my chin and forced me to look up at him. His power was intoxicating, I felt like I had zero control over what was about to happen.

He raised me to my feet and took firm hold under my thick ass cheek, forcing me up onto my tip toes and pressed firmly against his body; my hands feeling his tight chest, like pure rock. I yelped in surprise at his sudden move and became instantly aware of the giant bulge pressed up into my stomach. His other hand took control of my face, grabbing the side, brushing my hair and establishing that firm eye contact that turned me on so much before.

“You wanted this all night, didn’t you bitch.”

“Yes Sir.” I said submissively, echoing my earlier tone.

“Then strip” he ordered, releasing me.

I did as he asked, taking off my top in a mirror of earlier, and pulling down my leggings, kicking my shoes off as I went. Standing before him in just my black satin pushup bra and a ruined white lace thong, soaked from how turned on I was and clearly stuck to and outlining my flushed pussy. I tried my best to model myself, doing a little twirl for him and going on my tip toes to stick out may ass.

“Damn girl. I’m going to have fun with you. Now everything.” He ordered again.

I relished in the dominance he had over me. I began to strip again, slowly taking my bra off and letting it fall to the floor. My aching breasts exposed once again to him. I then peeled off my thong, making sure I maintained eye contact as I bent over to force them past my knees and giving him full view of the top of my plump ass. I stood again now completely naked before him.

“I see you, good white bitch come to have fun in my city. You don’t know what real fun is. What a real dick is.” He said as he stepped towards me. He was right, I was craving him, my pussy was on fire, my nipples were at full attention and I was more and more aroused with every second.

He pulled me in close again. His hand going straight for my left ass check- lifting and separating it, exposing me to the room. His other hand cupping my breasts in turn and running calloused fingertips over my sensitive nipples. He began kissing me. Deep intense making out that made my knees buckle as I melted into him, his powerful tongue entering my mouth. He broke our sloppy kiss to begin kissing and licking my neck and I just groaned into him, my hands reaching out to his taught lats, pulling him as deep into me as I could.

“When you played shy, I knew you were a done deal. You can’t help it. White dick can’t break you. Only I do that.”

I said nothing, I couldn’t say anything, all I could focus on was the hand slowly reaching down my body, forcing itself past my belly button and mound, approaching ever closer to the release that I had been begging for hours to receive.

His hand dipped and my thighs parted on instinct without a single ounce of resistance. He reached between my legs for the first time and felt for himself the true scale of my wetness, placing the full length of his massive hand over my sex, cradling me. His thumb was slowly parting my opening, teasing my entrance as I gasped and gave little thrusting humps into his hand, craving just a little deeper, just a little more.

“Mmm hmm” he said as that same sly grin that popped on his face “all you white bitches are the same”. Before I could think about it too deeply, he changed tone. His predator eyes gazed down at me and he sternly commanded: “Now…tell me what you want!”

In that moment the thumb that had been lazily teasing my entrance shot up; hitting the top of my pussy where my engorged clit met my sex before roughly and speedily flicking its way along the underside and over the top of my most sensitive spot. His other hand digging his fingers into the flesh of my ass and forcing me to rely on his mass for balance. I felt his thumb return to its original spot and repeat the move over and over again. Each time he flicked he growled into my ear “tell me what you want!” “I said tell me what you want!” “Huh? Tell me what you want white bitch!”

I tried to maintain composure, I really did, but it’s not my fault, I just wasn’t ready. I began letting out the loudest sounds I never knew I could make. I was alternating between surprised yelps, high pitched squeals, and a constant stream of frantic swears and moans as he methodically reset and re-stroked his strong thumb over me. “HMMPH. OH, OH FUCK! OH FUCK! UGHHH OH GOD! SHIT! OH FUCK! OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT! AHHHHH” I screamed out, trying to find purchase on any surface I could, desperately grabbing about. I’d never felt anything like it before. The constant pulsing of my pussy was almost flashing in time with every stroke as it sent ripples across my body.

As my knees buckled and I collapsed into him, I felt the other hand, which had been pinning my ass into him, begin to move closer down, the bottom three fingers stroking my pussy and taint from the other end like a guitar and his thumb reaching to press against my virgin asshole. This is when the real screaming started. I’d never been touched this way, I’ve never been so vulnerable and at a man’s mercy as every hole pulsed and gaped for him. I began announcing my climax, grunting like a wild animal “UGHHH YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM! OH GOD YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME CU-UGHHHHH” as the massive torrent of the largest orgasm I’d ever experienced rushed through me. In that moment I was his and he knew it.

He released me and I collapsed on the couch. I had just cum like I’ve never cum before and I laid back struggling to catch my breath. My wet legs spread with my beet red, glinting cunt exposed to him. My hair and makeup were a mess and I just saw Andre standing over me, my dominant master.

“I said” he proclaimed sternly as he picked me up by the back of my hair and forced me on my knees in front of him. “What. Do. You. Want?”

I gave over completely.

“I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me rough, hard, and make me scream. I want you to force me to cum over and over again as you mount me, claim me and break my white pussy with your black cock.”

I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth. Sure I thought about all this dirty stuff when I masturbated but I’d never been like this with anyone.

He peered down at me and all he replied was “Suck my dick whore.”

Obediently I unbuckled his belt. While I pulled down his pants and boxers, he ripped off his shirt exposing a perfectly sculpted body. As the boxers went past his mid-thigh, I was hit in the face by the largest and thickest cock I’ve ever seen. The men I’d been with were fine but not anything special and this was a little less thick than a red bull can and just as long with powerful veins running down its length. I was in shock. My mouth opened but more out of surprise than readiness. Andre just laughed, grabbed the back of my head, and forced his way in.

“All you white bitches are the same” he joked to himself as he pushed into my mouth, slowly.

There he went, saying it again. It was in that moment I wondered how many other girls had been on their knees in this room? How many other shy white girls got broken-in by Andre? I didn’t have time to think; with every thrust he grew larger and larger in my mouth. It just wouldn’t stop. To his credit, Andre never forced himself deeper than I could handle and after some getting used to him, I began to do my best to please. If I was going to be “another white bitch” I was going to be the best damn white bitch he ever had.

I admittedly have never cared for blowjobs. I’ve never given any effort to developing a technique and the men I’ve been with were just happy they were getting laid and never made me give any real effort. Andre was different. I needed to please him. I was desperate to make him feel half the way he had just made me feel. That I was an individual and more special than the other random white girls. I jerked him off, I flicked the tip with my tongue, rubbed the head on my nipples, and massaged his balls; replicating every move I could remember from any porno I’ve ever seen. Andre was getting into it too. He was moaning and giving small thrusts into my mouth, running his hands through my hair and reaching down to play with my tits.

Just as I was getting lost in dick sucking. Andre pulled away. He lifted me up and directed me down the hall to his bedroom. He had a large, king-sized bed in the center and a massive full length mirror over a chest of drawer past its foot.

“Now you’re going to get everything you asked for.” He said as he began kissing me again. He pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top, my legs instantly spreading for him, knowing what was about to come. My still soaked pussy lips felt his cock, slick with my saliva, just gently hover over my slit. I looked up at him in anticipation and said as softly and seductively as I could “take me, make me yours.”

At that, he took his fully erect member and pushed it against my opening. My eyes bulged out and I let out a long, cooing “OHHHHHH” as I felt the pressure of his tip parting my outer lips, my pussy stretching to accommodate the biggest cock I’ve ever experienced. Then to my bewilderment, he slid right in. As he thrust deep in me, I felt a fullness, a warmth I’ve never experienced with any other man. I let out a loud groan of pleasure as my eyes rolled back into my head and I dug my fingernails into his back. With each thrust I felt my pussy walls rolling in a flowing motion around his cock, my body coaxing him to go deeper, fuller.

Like a locomotive, Andre began to pick up speed. With every thrust, he made me let out another squeal of desperation. “YEAH, YEAH, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME!” I pleaded over and over as I felt him hit the back of my pussy, a back I never even knew I had. I quickly became a screaming mess, grunting with every strike and begging him for more. He changed his angle, getting up onto his knees and pulling my legs up over his shoulders, leaning slightly forward into me, forcing my hips to tilt and my ass to expose itself to the air. His first hump caught my body completely off guard. My eyes grew wide and my mouth gaped, my hands shot out to grip the bedsheets as tight as I could. Andre grabbed the back of my head by the hair and stared into my eyes as he thrust hard, fast, and deep. Now the real screaming began.

Andre plowed into me with his full force and might, every stroke smashing deeper than seemingly possible and making me scream in a mix of pleasure and pain, calling out to God and feeling every bit of pleasure wash over me. My hands alternated from the bedsheets to his arms, clinging on for dear life while his went straight for my breasts, kneading them and using them to hold me down, pinching and pulling my nipples for more pleasurable pain; it was as if Andre’s giant cock was a battering ram and there was an invisible door at the bottom of my vagina holding back a floodgate. Every pound weakened it just a little bit and sent pleasure waves cascading throughout my body. I felt his thrust in my back, in my legs, in my neck and with a smooth repetitive rhythm, my constant moans and whines were getting louder, higher pitched, and closer together before I felt his battering ram cock smash through whatever barrier stood between him and my total submission and I completely lost control.

My whole body began convulsing, shaking, my pussy seizing with so much force I didn’t know what to do with myself besides scream as every nerve of my body was lit with pleasurable fire. Just as I began to squirm away, Andre pinned my hands to the bed and locked me into place, thrusting as hard and deep as ever. “YOU CUM ON MY COCK! YOU KEEP CUMMING ON THAT BLACK COCK UNTIL I TELL YOU TO STOP!”

His constant dirty talk, holding me down, and thrusting kept my orgasm rolling and rolling until all I could do was lie back spent. Then he let up.

He began kissing me again, pulling out and letting me catch my breath. I cuddled up next to him and started playing with his still erect cock. Asking him if he liked being served by submissive white girls, if I was the best he’d ever had.

He smacked my ass hard, pulling me on top of him and grabbing my face with one strong hand and looping the other around the small of my back. I let out a squeaking yelp as he tossed around my small frame.

“Good white girls take my cum and I bet you’d do anything for that” Andre bluntly told me.

“Yes sir, name it” I replied, desperate to please him. My hips rocked back and forth over the slippery snake I could feel between my thighs, letting my hanging breasts brush against his chest and give some relief to my aching nipples. I was hoping Andre would order me to ride him but there would be no such control for me.

“On your hands and knees” he commanded. “It’s time to finish you.”

Like a good girl I did as he asked, swinging off him and assuming the position, hiking my plump ass in the air, prepared to have it taken from behind. He placed me facing the giant mirror where I could watch as he methodically and mechanically prepared me for doggy style. What I remember most about how he mounted me was the way his fingers felt, digging into my hips as he grabbed me, forcing my pussy up to line up with his cock. I remember the little “hmph” I gave as he repositioned me, bending me over more like a sex toy, the helplessness and vulnerability that I felt reignited my pulsing pussy as I continued to get wetter and creamier in anticipation. I no longer cared that I wasn’t special, if I was just another random white bitch. I loved being his slut, I loved being used, and I was desperate for him to give it to me again in a new position.

Then he thrust into me with one massive stroke. I instantly began shuddering, the full length of his cock hitting the bottom of my pussy. He immediately went fast and rough, crashing into me as his large hanging balls slapped up against my clit, making me grunt with every impact. I watched my eyebrows arch and my eyes grow wide in the mirror with each hump as he lifted his hand and struck it down on my toned soccer player ass, making me scream out and realize I was building towards yet another orgasm.

He kept fucking me faster, harder, and deeper. He put his thumb right on my asshole, making me tense up instantly once again. He sensed my apprehension and said “I own you now, I take whatever hole I want. But you ain’t ready for that.” It was enough though, teasing me that way was sending shockwaves all over my body. With that, he reached up and smacked my ass again and again, demanding I throw it back and match him thrust for thrust.

As I began to push back on him, feeling my body moan out, I thought that he may have conquered me, but there was still one last victory I could pull out, one last way I could be his equal: I was going to make him cum. I pushed back against him as hard as I could, screaming and whimpering through the waves of pleasure. He began grunting, I felt his pace get erratic, I was going to win! In time with my thrusts I squeezed my pussy around his cock as tight I could, eliciting more moans from him. I turned back and grunted out as I pounded my pussy against him “you gonna cum baby? Is this white bitch gonna make you cum? Cum for me!”

Andre leaned forward and I smiled with satisfaction, knowing my teen pussy was about to make him bust. I looked up into the mirror to relish the man who fucked me into oblivion finally lose himself in pleasure.

But instead I saw to my horror exactly why he was leaning forward and knew right then and there that I was never going to win.

With one quick hand he reached around my neck with his elbow, pulling me up against his shredded torso, almost straight up on my knees. His other hand dropped to my clit and I knew what was going to happen. He was about to make me his cumslut again.

I tried to break away, I tried to get back on all fours to keep thrusting back into him, to make him cum for me but he was too strong and I had no choice but to let him have full control of my body. His hand on my throat dropped to my breasts, roughly grabbing full handfuls, tweaking my erect and sensitive nipples and sending electricity across my body. The son of a bitch knew it too. He began growling in my ear “That’s right, that’s right, you know what I’m about to do. You’re going to fucking beg me for it too.”

His long fingers reached their target while his palm kept my mound pressed down into him, locking me in place while he fucked my cunt and stroked my clit.

I fought it as best I could. Every grunt and moan became more and more desperate, every determined “EHH!” as I struggled to maintain my composure turned into and “AHHH” as he reached a perfect angle of approach and my body betrayed me yet again, humping me back into him.

He whispered in my ear “You beg me to cum! You ask permission to cum like a good slut!”

I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt it coming, that same pulsing feeling deep inside me that I’d had since he first made me bare my breasts for him on the street. I shook my head no, I gritted my teeth, and fought as hard as I could.

“GIVE IT TO ME BITCH!” he commanded. “GIVE IT TO ME”. With that he began strongly slapping my clit as hard as he could. Something I’ve never experienced before and it ended my resistance. My eyes bulged, I watched in the mirror my final humiliation. “UGH! UGH! UGH!” I let out three last pitiful grunts in time with his slaps and thrusts before belting out “OHHHHHHH! DADDY, PLEASE, LET ME CUUUUUUM!” at the top of my lungs. My orgasm plowed through me with greater force than any before it. While my body quaked and shuddered, I felt a torrent of my wetness pulse out of me, slipping past the near perfect seal of my lips gripping his monster cock and onto my shivering thighs and dripping along my taint onto my throbbing asshole, my mouth opening, reaching for a kiss that never came as I whined and moaned into his mouth just out of reach.

Andre then threw me down onto the bed and began pile driving me hard into the mattress. He mounted me and caught me in a loop, moaning and cumming, cumming and moaning, writhing on his dick unable to tell which way was up.

Andre then began grunting louder and louder. I felt him frantically thrusting, I felt the thick veiny cock pressed against my inner walls flex. But this was his doing, I was spent. A whore moaning on her stomach, a hole completely at his leisure.

With one long satisfactory moan, he began his orgasm. For the first time that night it dawned on me that condoms even existed as a concept. Sure I’d been on the pill since I was 16 but I’d always used condoms and no man, not even my ex, had ever came inside me before. I felt thick rope after thick rope coat every inch of my insides, its warmth filling me up and a sereneness washed over me. He pulled out and I felt a plug pop as his seed spilled out of my spent pussy onto the sheets.

He lied back and pulled out a joint. I just stared at the ceiling in sweaty bliss. We smoked and slept and I took an Uber back to my hotel the next morning, barely able to walk, my voice completely gone.

My friends surmised what had happened but were super supportive and praised me for having “the best trip of them all!” We went back to school and a couple weeks later and I hooked up with a guy from a study group shortly thereafter but it just wasn’t the same. I texted Andre but he never texted back. I even sent him some sexy photos but to no response. I was just another conquest to him, another white bitch, and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since.

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Date: March 2, 2023

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