I set up a makeshift gloryhole to fuck all my fwb’s shy friends


I’ve previously hooked up with my fwb’s, JJ, friends. Those times were fairly spontaneous where sometimes he was there and other times he wasn’t. He told me that he’d get so horny and jealous at the same time which made him fuck me so good every time it happened. He’d call me the slut for his friends while pounding me. One time when we fucked, I told him about how I hooked up his roommate/ cousin while he was asleep and it was one of the best times we ever had. I suggested that I should fool around with his friends more if it makes him fuck me like this. He wants to and so do his friends but they wouldn’t know how to initiate anything and felt shy about asking me for a BJ let alone anything else. Since they were shy, I suggested we do a gloryhole while we FaceTime so he can watch. He told his friends and we were all into it but didn’t know where to go to find a gloryhole that was private and wouldn’t scare his friends off.

Their idea was to convert their bathroom into a gloryhole. They bought a black shower curtain and cut holes in it: one for their arms and one for their cock. We put some pillows in the tub so I could get comfy while on my knees and changed the lights in the bathroom to red. That night, I got naked in the tub and played with myself while watching porn with the curtain closed. I was so turned on waiting to hear the door open. After a few minutes, someone come in, went up to the curtain, and put their cock through the hole for me. It wasn’t JJ’s cock since it had a bigger head so I knew it was one of his friends. I started jerking it off and talking dirty to them. “Who was so shy that they kept this cock to themselves and not me?” I asked before I started blowing them. It wasn’t long before I felt their hand on the back of my head to guide their cock through my throat. I did this for a few minutes before getting up and turning around begging them to fuck me. I used my pussy to tease their cock by sliding it against my lips. Their hand grabbed my hip and thrusted their cock in me. A few strokes in, I pulled the curtain to the side to see who it was. It was JJ’s friend, Arnold, who was fucking me. He was surprised to see the curtain pulled but couldn’t stop fucking me. I took a few snaps to send to JJ to keep him happy. I moaned and begged him to not be shy with his cock anymore and to cum in my pussy which he did. Once he came, I licked his cock clean and told him to close the door. I closed the curtain again and waited on the tub floor for the next person.

A few minutes later, I heard a new person come in and unzip their pants. I saw their thick cock and knew who it was. I pulled the curtain back and saw JJ’s cousin, Cisco. He was surprised to see me but I pushed him to sit on the toilet and begged him to fuck my ass. He grabbed a bottle of lube I had in the tub and fucked me reverse cowgirl. Again, I moaned to not be shy with his cock and to fuck me whenever he wants. He took his time while fucking me and grabbed my phone to send snaps to JJ. I got up to bend over the toilet so he could fuck my ass doggy. It wasn’t long after that he came in my ass. He then handed the phone back and left.

JJ texted me that no one else was coming in and to come to his room. I walked in a with his friends’ cum dripping from my ass and pussy then laid down on the edge of the bed and spread my legs open. He quickly started fucking my pussy. I asked if he liked using their cum as lube and he nodded before fucking my ass. He fucked me like this for what felt like hours before pulling out to cum on my tits. When he did I licked his cock clean and told him I could taste his friends on his cock. He got hard again and we fucked a few more times.

One of the best nights ever ❤️

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Date: March 19, 2023

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