I have no idea what to call this– but I think I found the sub for me!


Hey! I’m usually lurking on another account but I really wanted to post!

I use this account for my more nsfw adventures.

I’m f[24] pansexual in a loving relationship with my boyfriend[24] straight.

This past year the two of us began having a closed foursome with my best girlfriend (24 bisexual) and her boyfriend (24 bisexual). Things have been awesome– it’s actually made our bonds closer to our own partners and my girlfriend and I are allowed to have sex when the guys aren’t around.

Damn– as much as I crave my boyfriend’s cock sometimes a little pussy does me good too! She’s very submissive and I’m more of a top. We’ve purchased a bunch of fun little toys like a double dildo recently and holy shit I’m definitely doing that again when I can get my hands all over her!

We arrange sessions; sometimes on the fly and next thing we know we’re naked and ready to fuck. We’re comfortable sharing partners and it’s so fucking hot watching my girlfriend get fucked by my boyfriend. Even better when I can eat her out after while getting finger fucked by her boyfriend! Best thing we’ve tried so far was having me lay on my back inbetween the guys as I stroked them off and my girlfriend eating me out. I’ve always wanted to try pegging and I might get the chance to try!

Really looking forward to this month’s session!!

I’ve always been a horny little thing getting into heat. Even right now Ive been edging myself with toys. Waiting for my boyfriend to come home to surprise him with a new lingerie set and to try anal for the first time! I’ve been training the past couple weeks and I’m hyped to one day be able to take in both their cocks.. maybe while I even fuck my girlfriend! So many possibilities!

I don’t recommend three or foursomes unless you really know what you’re doing!

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Date: March 18, 2023

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