I (27 F) seduced the new boss at work (50s M)


So a few of you know I “entertain” at the office pretty frequently. A few of my fuckbuddies/coworkers have settled down and stopped seeking me out or started using protection etc which is fine but not really what I’m into. (Obligatory you should be safe don’t be me etc)

Anyway we had a new boss transfer in and he’s not in on the whole thing. I’m usually working with a different team but he’s been walking around and meeting everyone. He’s like 50s, salt-and-pepper, freshly divorced and loving it. So I obviously make nice, do the usual things. I guess he decided he liked me because I told him the good parking spot near the office.

Well, I heard from one of my former fuckbuddies that he was asking about me, thinking I was dating one of the people in my dept. I’m not, but he did see us being flirty. He’s a nice guy but cums so fast so I usually just blow him.

Anyway new boss found out I was single! And maybe also the office slut. Did not put him off, if anything it made him more interested. He started coming by my desk and making small talk, so of course I pulled out all the stops, it’s fun to tease guys who aren’t used to me just being. Me.

We all went out for drinks a few days ago and I got tipsy and said his lap looked like a good seat and he let me sit on him for a bit, played it off for laughs but not until I ground down against his lap and spilled a little of my martini on my chest just to lick it up while he was watching. Definitely got a reaction. “Accidentally” touched his dick getting up.

I got so horny just from my little show I dragged one of my friends out to my car to blow him while I played with myself, then rode him while the entire car fogged up and rocked. I was just too desperate but I really wanna to tease the boss until he fucking snaps.

So came in the next day in a tiny top and too-tight bra and my chest just spilling over the top. It’s my favorite way to tease the office. I can tell he’s still thinking about my tease from the night before, he’s giving me these hungry eyes but I really have stuff to do so I get down to work and don’t really take any action until later to get things done for a deadline. I guess if I thought he liked the teasing, he liked the focused, determined look more!

He calls me in and says he heard my thing (meeting basically) went well and that I’m clearly underappreciated. We chat for a minute and I ask some casual questions about how he’s settling in. I tell him I’m happy to help however I can, even if it’s outside the office.

He coughs and goes a little red, then asks if I had fun the night before, and I laugh and apologize for my “drunk behavior” (tipsy, barely), and ask him to forgive me. He waves it off and says he knows a great place near his apartment. Fuck yeah one week and I’m already getting to him. I say sure and give him my number.

Anyway we met up last night at the little place, it’s super low key and MUCH more intimate.

No way I’m staying here for long.

It only takes two drinks before my hand is on his thigh and he’s telling me he likes my smile. I say I should stop drinking before I get “too touchy” and he just says “well, I don’t mind” and I go “oh, well, in that case, should I get another?”

Needless to say he finally gets the picture, but doesn’t make a move. His hand slides up my leg and I move closer. I say I’d rather not have to drive home and he “graciously” invites me up to his place. As we leave I joke that he has to hold onto me and he just /brushes/ his hand over my ass before grabbing my waist. He whispers into my ear as we leave to be careful and I can tell I’m fucking soaking wet already.

I don’t get the chance to say anything before he’s kissing me against the door of his apartment, shuffled inside somewhere in the mess.

I’m a mess, still so fucking horny and excited from teasing him and I can tell he’s fucking done being coy finally. I sucked his cock right there, long, uncut, pulling back his foreskin to tease his tip while he wraps my hair up and tugs. (U/plussizecumcrazy) He moaned so sexily while I took him to his root, took him no time at all to fuck my throat till I was a gagging, drooling mess, my mascara running and lipstick fucking obliterated, only trace left in a ring around the very base of his dick.

He pulled me off and asked to cum on my tits since they were tempting him all week. I fucking love feeling cum all over me so I obviously relished in it.

After that he wiped me up (though I was ready to get it on my fingers and lick it all up!) And escorted me to his bedroom, where he laid me out and buried his face in my pussy, fingering my asshole until I screamed. I swear I came like 5 times just riding his face.

He was ready to go after like an hour of playing, I asked what hole he wanted to fuck next and he said he wanted my pussy first, but asked if he could fuck my asshole with his fingers too. Ugh. SO hot.

So anyway he gets me on all fours and fucks me into the mattress while he uses all my extra slickness to fuck four fingers into my ass while I cry and whine on that cock. It’s thick and I can feel him throb inside me. I’m loud. He really loves my dirty mouth. He’s aggressive and direct, just abusing my cunt the way I fucking love.

I beg him to cum inside, and he grunts and /floods/ my pussy like immediately. I come screaming and he keeps drilling my ass with his fingers until he can feel the aftershocks fade.

Anyway turns out he left his wife (among like other reasons of course) bc she hated the feeling of cumming inside and he’s got the same thing for it I do. I say it’s my favorite way to fuck and he groans like he wants to fuck me all over again. Instead he takes me to his shower and I ride his face on the floor until I come like twice more.

He COOKED for me in the morning like real cooking too I nearly came again just from that and not the way he filled my cunt with two more creampies afterwards.

(Also I think he’s my new favorite and i kinda hope he knocks me up shh )

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Date: March 17, 2023

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