F 20s – I had a random guy in a crowded bar feel me up under my skirt


I was at the bar a few weeks ago with some friends. They left because it was getting really crowded. But I stayed because this guy kept giving me the eyes, and finally when my friends left he came over to buy me a drink. We started chatting, being kinda flirty, while we were getting pushed closer and closer together as the bar kept filling up. Unfortunately, it was getting so loud that I could barely hear him talking anymore.

After a while, I’d had enough of the crowd and noise interrupting our interaction. Things just weren’t moving fast enough. So after he reached down to put his phone back in his pocket, I grabbed his hand and put it up my skirt to show him how wet I was getting. He looked shocked, but at the same time one of his big fingers pushed my underwear aside and felt me up. He kept his hand there and played with me a bit while we finished our drinks. I really don’t think anyone saw because it was so crowded, but I still felt so naughty. Idk why, but I started to feel a little embarrassed at what I was doing, so suddenly I left the bar and I went home—kind of leaving him hanging.

But it was fun, and I kind of want to try it again… Is that wrong?

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Date: March 7, 2023

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