Double-Teaming the Guy from the Electric Company [F24] [x2]


So one night last week my girlfriend and I had a really bad storm in the middle of the night. Like, *we* didn’t have a storm, just the two of us, but there was a big storm over the city that we live in. You get it, right? Maybe that explanation was unnecessary. I probably should have deleted it but whatever. Anyway, we have a power line that runs between two poles over our back yard and a tree branch fell on the wire and knocked out the power on our block. We had no idea this had happened because it was in the middle of the night and we drink. The first clue I got that something was up was a really loud knock on our door at fricking 7 AM. I tried to turn on my bedside lamp but it didn’t come on (clue #2). I put on some shorts and a shirt and answered the door. It was one guy who said that he was from the electric company and told me everything that I just told you, and that he needs my permission to go into my back yard to assess the damage. I said “sure” and showed him where the gate to the back yard was and let him in.

I went back to our bedroom and told my girlfriend (Sarah) what was going on and that we had a guy in the back yard checking out the power cable. Literally, her first question was “is he hot?” I said he wasn’t bad. I’d guess he was in his late 20s, kinda scruffy, but muscular. I told her that he was visibly surprised when I answered the door in my boy shorts and short t-shirt that only goes down to the bottom of my ribs and no bra. He did that thing where he wanted to take his time looking at me and stopped himself because he was supposed to be a professional making a house call. She got that look in her eye and hummed to herself. “Wanna make his day?” I said I wasn’t sure and I wanted the power on more, but we’ll see.

I looked out the window into our back yard and sure enough there were lots of big tree branches on the ground and a cable coming down from one of the poles. The guy was there too, on his phone with the company describing the damage. A few minutes later he knocked on the door again and said that the crew with the equipment is coming from another job and should be here any time in the next hour and he’d be in the back yard clearing as many of the branches as he could before they got here.

That’s when I decided oh yeah, we were definitely making this guy’s day. I asked him “well, wouldn’t you rather wait inside? Have you had breakfast yet?” He said he had, but if I was offering he would like to come inside for a minute or two. We had a bowl of fruit and I said he could help himself and we just chitchatted for a few minutes. Then Sarah comes into the kitchen and kisses me and says “morning love”. She is only wearing panties and a bra. She’s pretending that she didn’t know the guy was there and turned around and did a fake “oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know anybody else was here.” The guy has gone bright red and has no idea where to look. She has no shame at all and just keeps looking the guy right in the eyes. I’m trying not to laugh. She says “I’m sorry. Am I making you uncomfortable? Would you like me to put something else on?” He takes a few seconds trying to think of something to say but eventually says something like “It’s your house.” I tell her that the other men might not be here for an hour and I offered to let him wait inside. Then she says what we all knew she was going to say: “Really? An hour? Well, what are we going to do for an hour?” We both look at him at the same time. If he didn’t know before, he definitely knows now. He has hit the slut housecall jackpot. We each take him by one hand and I ask “would you like to see the rest of the house?” “I really would.”

In the bedroom I kneel in front of him and start to pull out his cock and suck on it. Sarah is taking off her bra and panties behind me. She runs her fingers through my hair as I suck and I hear her ask “she’s really good isn’t she?” He says “oh hell yes.” “Well I’m really good too.” She kneels next to me and we lick both sides of his cock. Let our tongues touch as we lick his head. Occasionally just kiss each other before going back to his cock. I let her take over and stand back up. I start undressing and tell him he can take off his clothes too if he wants. He looks surprised that he forgot that he’s still completely dressed. Once I’m naked I start unbuttoning his shirt as he undoes his belt and pants. He has a pretty nice body. Nice cock too, if a little on the narrow side, but good length. He and I lie down on the bed and start kissing while Sarah straddles him and starts to rock her pussy over his cock. He moans into my mouth. She slides him in and starts to ride him. She takes a few minutes before she’s ready to cum and I tell the guy to try not to cum in her because I want him next. By some miracle he manages not to cum and she slides off him. He’s still rock hard and his boxers are soaking wet. I guess we didn’t give him enough time to take them off. Sarah sits at the top of the bed and pulls me in for a deep kiss. I turn around and ask the guy to fuck me from behind as I lick my girlfriend’s pussy. He’s more than happy to oblige and immediately slides inside me and starts pounding away. I can feel his balls slapping against my clit as he thrusts. Sarah starts moaning more loudly than usual and fondling her breasts. She wants to give the guy a show. I know she’s not moaning from how well I’m eating her pussy. This guy is pounding me so hard I have to concentrate to keep my mouth from slamming into her pubic bone. She keeps up the dirty talk and starts begging him to fill my pussy with his cum. I can feel him get close and take a good grip on my hips so he can pull me hard onto him as he cums. He slides out and starts to get dressed. It doesn’t take him long because apparently he still had his boots on and his pants were just around his ankles. He says he really ought to get into the back yard and try to move some of those branches since that’s what he told his guys he’d be doing until they got there. We stayed in the bedroom and Sarah started licking his cum out of my pussy. Even after she cleaned me out, she kept going until I came. Then we switched and I ate her. I felt bad about my less than average performance when he was fucking me, so I wanted to make up for it.

Eventually the other guys showed up and they brought this big crane thing into our back yard, which totally fucked up the grass, but also got the power back on. We didn’t have power back until the afternoon, so we just watched youtube on our phones. This isn’t really part of the story, but I think it goes some way to boosting our stupid slut status: at one point when they were all in the back yard working, there were like ten of them, and I asked Sarah “so, can you tell which one of them we fucked this morning?” She looked for a bit and hesitated before saying “nnnnnno. Can you?” I thought I could narrow it down to three of them, but at this range, I couldn’t tell which one was him either. “Do you remember his name?” “Did he say it? Or was it on a patch on his shirt?” “I think he said it to me, but I don’t remember. It was right after I woke up.” Then Sarah had the best idea: “I remember what his cum tastes like. Do you want to call a few of them in and let me suck them off?” We both busted out laughing and said “fuck it” and went back to watching youtube. I love my girlfriend!

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Date: March 18, 2023

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